Pure® Wellness


Haven Riviera Cancun is bringing the freshest air quality in the hotel industry to your room. 


Discover luxurious comforts and magnificent views in an atmosphere designed for relaxation with our new PURE ® Wellness Suites.

PURE ® Wellness suites undergo a thorough seven-step process with state-of-the-art technology intended to trap and eliminate viruses, bacteria, and airborne particles while minimizing the presence of potential irritants. These suites are perfectly designed to provide a better night’s sleep for guests, creating the ultimate revitalizing vacation experience.

7 steps that uniquely purify the surface areas in your suite. A service that removes 99% of air pollutants, helping you to breathe, rest, and sleep better. Total protection from airborne irritants and lingering odors. Special mattress and pillow covers that are extra soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic. 


Your Haven of Pure® Wellness


Step 1

We use a Deep Clean Air-Handling Unit.

You benefit from the circulation of healthier air in your suite. 


Step 2

We install one of the Pure® Tea Tree Oil Cartridges into the air-handling unit.

You benefit from its antimicrobial and disinfectant properties. 


Step 3

We clean carpets and upholstery furnishings using the patented Pure® solution.

You benefit from soft furnishings that are free from dirt, bacteria, and mold.


Step 4

We employ the One Time Shock Treatment.

You benefit from a suite that’s free from mold and bacteria, even in those hard-to-reach spots.


Step 5

We apply the Pure® Shield bacteriostatic barrier to all surfaces in your suite. 

You benefit from extra protection against microorganisms that can cause illness and discomfort.


Step 6

We install the Pure® Air Purification System.

You benefit from a 24-hour, FDA-approved, Class II Medical Device that eradicates 98% to 100% of all bacteria and viruses.


Step 7

We dress your suite with microfiber, mono-filament mattress and pillow cases.

You benefit from a reduced risk of allergies and a guaranteed better night’s sleep.



Coming Soon: Make Your Pure® Reservation


When you make a reservation, be sure to ask for a Pure® Wellness suite, so that you can create the Haven you dream of amid the freshest air quality in the hotel industry. This is the Pure® Haven Promise.