Sustainability Policy

Cancún Quintana Roo, April 14, 2023

Haven Riviera Cancun by Hipotels is a 5-star all-inclusive resort for adults only with a concept of luxury and romance, oriented to offer the best quality services, facilities, and a privileged location, has 435 rooms of which 114 have pool access.  As well as; eight restaurants, a cafeteria, 14 bars, 24-hour room service, a nightclub, Spa, two gyms, recreational activities, two sports courts and three swimming pools. Hipotels is a hotel company oriented mainly to North American vacationers in the upper-middle segment. The quality of our product and the complete range of services we offer, accompanied by an optimal quality-price ratio, seek to consolidate this brand in the Caribbean as a trusted brand and a reference in the vacation sector.

Our main objective is to satisfy the needs and exceed the expectations and requirements of our guests and clients through a work system that prioritizes the prevention, detection, correction, and continuous improvement of our processes.

Aware of the environmental impact, as well as the limitation of natural resources, associated with the development of our activity and in order to contribute to sustainable development, we join the commitment to protect and conserve the environment, aware of being in a protected natural area. To this end, we have established a Sustainability Management System that will lead us to the achievement of our objectives aimed at improving economic, social, and environmental results.

Always complying with the following principles of action:

1. Adopt measures to minimize the generation of waste in operations by facilitating its reuse and recycling.

2. Improve the current management of water resources throughout the process, i.e., water withdrawal, consumption and treatment, contemplating measurement, and immediate attention to possible leaks. 

3. Optimize the consumption of energy resources in our facilities, ensuring their proper measurement and management.

4. To ensure the safety and health of our guests, customers, suppliers, and collaborators, complying with the provisions established in the legislation on prevention.

5. Promote the training and motivation of our staff to ensure the proper functioning of the activity that develops.

6. To inform our guests, customers, suppliers, and collaborators, as well as any person or entity that requires it, about the environmental and social aspects related to the use and enjoyment of our products and services.

7. Ensure legal compliance in all areas that concern the company, such as human rights, labor rights, environmental management, civil protection, as well as other voluntary actions aimed at improving the lives of our employees, communities in which we operate and society.

8. Periodically review and evaluate compliance with the principles established in our Management Systems.


Cancun Quintana Roo March 03, 2023

José Serrano

Director Haven Riviera Cancún