HipAdvisor Booking Record

Thank you for entering your booking at Haven Riviera Cancun. We love our HipAdvisor Travel Advisors! As a HipAdvisor, you’re eligible for special packages. Enter your bookings and once you reach the required room nights (9 room nights low season/12 room nights high season), you’re eligible to book our 3-Nt HipAdvisor Packages!. We’ll send you the code to book once verified.


*Please note you can enter future bookings  but these won’t be eligible to redeem until travel has completed.

Thank you for registering your booking. If you have already accumulated enough room nights for your personal stay, and are a certified HipAdvisor graduate, please send your graduation certificate along with your agency details to reservations.hrc@havenresorts.com  and we’ll send you the link to book your HipAdvisor package once verified. We look forward to welcoming you to Haven Riviera Cancun soon!